Hot Potato Online

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When I start the game under Windows, I get an error about a missing DLL file (MSVC...). Where can I get those files?

A. Here are some DLL files you may need under Windows: MSVCP71.dll, MSVCR71.dll. Simply save the files in your Hot Potato Online directory (where the executable is).

Q. Which port does the game use?

A. By default, the port used is 7654, but it can be changed under the options menu. However, if you change it, make sure to use the same port for the client and the server.

Q. When I try to compile, I get a warning about an incompatible library architecture. What should I do?

A. The game statically links to two libraries (glpng and freeglut). You can recompile those libraries using the sources under "src/staticlibs/sources" and replace the ".a" files under "src/staticlibs".

Q. When i attempt to run Hot Potato I get: "Mix_OpenAudio: Could not open sound device"...

A. The game uses SDL and SDL_mixer for sound. Verify that your sound is working and that it is not beeing used by another application. Also, verify that you have an audio driver specified for SDL in the environment variable SDL_AUDIODRIVER. If not so, you can try for example using "SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa" (if your audio driver is alsa). Finally, if you can't get it to work, you can recompile the game without sound support by removing the "-DSOUND" in the Makefile.

Q. My question is not answered...

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