"Making Of" Hot Potato Online

Those files are made available for game developper to see some of the artifacts that were created in our development process.

- In development -

Game list design ("packages", "use cases")


Character Animations Flowchart - Download

Design Document - Download

Development Presentation PowerPoint - Download

Potato Animations Flowchart - Download

Potato State Machine - Download


About the developer

I am currently studying Software Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. After meeting Thiéry on a summer job, we decided to join our efforts (with the help of Bertrand for the audio) to make an original game from A to Z.

I decided to take ideas from different software development processes to develop our game. We analysed what requirements we had, created a design document, state machines, class diagrams... Everything that could help us have a very good idea of what would be the game, and how we would do it.

After a little more than 2 years, we were almost ready to present the game to the public.

I sincerily hope that other students will be interested in making such projects in their free time. This is a very good way to gain experience in game development.

Jean-François Pérusse